Phrasal Verbs - Away

Answer Sheet

Q1 - If something tails away, it...
returns somewhere.
becomes silent or inaudible.
obstructs an exit to prevent people from leaving.
Q2 - If you whisk something away, you waste it.
True False
Q3 - If someone is shut away, they...
decline an invitation.
are imprisoned.
do something unplanned.
Q4 - You'd be happy if someone gave away a secret you'd told them.
True False
Q5 - If an employee breaks away from a company, they make a lot of money from it.
True False
Q6 - If an employee breaks away from a company, they leave it to form a new company.
True False
Q7 - If figures drop away, they go down.
True False
Q8 - If people ____ away, they ask a lot of questions.
Q9 - If someone fiddles away, they waste time.
True False
Q10 - If someone ____ away, they suffer physically from the effects of grief.

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