Answer Sheet: Enough & Too

Q1 - It was _____ so we didn't get it.
expensive enough
too expensive
enough expensive

Q2 - It's ___ to read; I don't understand it at all.
enough difficult
too difficult
difficult enough

Q3 - They didn't sell _____ to make it worthwhile.
tickets enough
enough tickets
too tickets

Q4 - There were _____ people there.
too many

Q5 - It's not ____ to sort things out.
enough late
late enough
too late

Q6 - It's ____ to pass.
enough difficult
too difficult

Q7 - I left because I'd had ______ their arguing.
enough of

Q8 - He ate ____ and felt ill.
enough much
much enough
too much

Q9 - I'm shattered; I didn't ____ last night.
enough sleep
sleep enough
too sleep
too much sleep

Q10 - It's ____ to walk- I'll take the bus.
enough far
far enough
too far
too much far

Q11 - I didn't get ____ last night and I'm exhausted.
enough sleep
sleep enough
too sleep