Idioms- Body 2

Answer Sheet

Q1 - If something costs an arm and a foot, it is very expensive.
True False
Q2 - If there's blue blood between people, they have a serious feud or dispute.
True False
Q3 - If you get your fingers burned, you suffer a loss and are likely to be more careful in future.
True False
Q4 - If you do something by the ____ of your teeth, you only just manage to do it.
Q5 - If you cool your ____, you wait a bit to calm down.
Q6 - You dip your ____ in the water when you test something to see if you like it or think it will work.
Q7 - If you say something accidentally, it is a slip of the lips.
True False
Q8 - If you say something accidentally, it is a slip of the tongue.
True False
Q9 - A smack in the face is a shock that may make progress more difficult.
True False
Q10 - If someone is long in the tooth, they are very old, possibly too old for a particular task or job.
True False

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