Answers:Idioms- Body 3

Answer Sheet

Q1 - If someone is all ears, they are very generous.
True False
Q2 - If someone is all ears, they pay close attention to something.
True False
Q3 - If you give the elbow, you give approval to something.
True False
Q4 - If you save your skin, you avoid serious danger.
True False
Q5 - If you shake a foot, you dance.
True False
Q6 - If you are in over your head, you can cope with a situation.
True False
Q7 - A kick in the ____ is a disappointment or setback.
Q8 - If you haven't got elbow room, you haven't got enough space to do something.
True False
Q9 - If you pay lip service to something, you support it fully.
True False
Q10 - If you make a ____ ear of something, you mess it up badly.

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