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A fresh pair of eyes
A person who is brought in to examine something carefully is a fresh pair of eyes.
A still tongue keeps a wise head
Wise people don't talk much.
About face
If someone changes their mind completely, this is an about face. It can be used when companies, governments, etc, change their position on an issue.
Absence makes the heart grow fonder
This idiom means that when people are apart, their love grows stronger.
After your own heart
A person after your own heart thinks the same way as you.
All ears
If someone says they're all ears, they are very interested in hearing about something.
All eyes on me
If all eyes are on someone, then everyone is paying attention to them.
All fingers and thumbs
If you're all fingers and thumbs, you are too excited or clumsy to do something properly that requires manual dexterity. 'All thumbs' is an alternative form of the idiom.
All heart
Someone who is all heart is very kind and generous.
All in your head
If something is all in your head, you have imagined it and it is not real.
All skin and bone
If a person is very underweight, they are all skin and bone, or bones.
Arm and a leg
If something costs an arm and a leg, it is very expensive.
Armed to the teeth
If people are armed to the teeth, they have lots of weapons.
At arm's length
If something is at arm's length, it is a safe distance waway from you.
At each other's throats
If people are at each other's throats, they are fighting, arguing or competing ruthlessly.
At the top of my lungs
If you shout at the top of your lungs, you shout as loudly as you possibly can.
At the top of your lungs
If you shout at the top of your lungs, you shout as loudly as you possibly can.
At the top of your voice
If you talk, shout or sing at the top of your voice, you do it as loudly as you can.
At your fingertips
When something is at your fingertips, it is readily available and accessible.
Back foot
(UK) If you are on your back foot, you are at a disadvantage and forced to be defensive of your position.
Back-handed compliment
A back-handed compliment is an insult or negative statement disguised as a compliment. For example "This dress doesn't fit me anymore so it would be great on you!"
Bad blood
If people feel hate because of things that happened in the past, there is bad blood between them.
Bad hair day
If you're having a bad hair day, things are not going the way you would like or had planned.
Bad mouth
(UK) When you are bad mouthing,you are saying negative things about someone or something.('Bad-mouth' and 'badmouth' are also used.)
Bad taste in your mouth
If something leaves you with a bad taste in your mouth, you feel there is something wrong or bad about it.
Bag of bones
If someone is a bag of bones, they are very underweight.
Bag of nerves
If someone is a bag of nerves, they are very worried or nervous.
Bare your heart
If you bare your heart to someone, you tell them your personal and private feelings. ('Bare your soul' is an alternative form of the idiom.)
Bat an eyelid
If someone doesn't bat an eyelid, they don't react or show any emotion when surprised, shocked, etc.
Bated breath
If someone says they're waiting with bated breath, they're very excited and find it difficult to be patient.('Baited breath' is a common mistake.)
Be all ears
If you are all ears, you are very eager to hear what someone has to say.
Beat your brains out
If you beat your brains out, you think hard about something but cannot solve, understand or remember it.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder means that different people will find different things beautiful and that the differences of opinion don't matter greatly.
Beauty is only skin deep
This idiom means that appearances can be deceptive and something that seems or looks good may turn out to be bad.
Bedroom eyes
Someone with bedroom eyes has a sexy look in their eyes.
Behind someone's back
If you do something behind someone's back, you do it without telling them.
Belly up
If things go belly up, they go badly wrong.
Better than a kick in the teeth
If something is better than a kick in the teeth, it isn't very good, but it is better than nothing.
Better than a stick in the eye
If something is better than a stick in the eye, it isn't very good, but it is better than nothing.
Big nose
If someone has a big nose, it means they are excessively interested in everyone else's business.
Bit between your teeth
If you take or have the bit between your teeth, you take or have control of a situation. (Bit = piece of metal in a horse's mouth)
Bite someone's head off
If you bite someone's head off, you criticise them angrily.
Bite your lip
If you have to bite your lip, you have to make a conscious effort not to react or to keep quiet about something that displeases you.
Bite your tongue
If you bite your tongue, you refrain from speaking because it is socially or otherwise better not to.
Bleed dry
If you bleed someone dry, you extract all their available money from them.
Bleeding edge
Similar to 'cutting edge' or 'leading edge', this implies a technology or process that is at the forefront or beyond current practices. However, because it is unproven, it is often dangerous to use (hence the 'bleeding').
Bleeding heart
A bleeding heart is a person who is excessively sympathetic towards other people.
Bless your pointy little head
This expression is used as to patronise someone, especially when they don't realise that they're not very clever.
Blind acceptance
If people accept thing blindly, they accept them without questioning them at all.
Blind leading the blind
When the blind are leading the blind, the people in charge of something don't know anything more than the people they are in charge of, when they should have greater knowledge.

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