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Grinds my gear
Something that is very annoying grinds your gear.
Grinning like a shot fox
(AU) If someone is grinning like a shot fox, they are smiling uncomprehendingly or smugly, looking stupid while smiling, showing that they don't really understand what's going on, like the bared teeth on the corpse of a fox.
Grist for the mill
Something that you can use to your advantage is grist for the mill. ('Grist to the mill' is also used.)
Grow in the telling
The more you tell it, the larger, wilder, better, etc. the story gets.
Growing pains
If a business is going through some growing pains, it is experiencing the typical problems that arise when a company becomes stronger and bigger.
If you are a guinea-pig, you take part in an experiment of some sort and are used in the testing.
Gunboat diplomacy
If a nation conducts its diplomatic relations by threatening military action to get what it wants, it is using gunboat diplomacy.
Gung ho
If someone is gung ho about something, they support it blindly and don't think about the consequences.

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