English Phrasal Verb Dictionary: A

List of English Phrasal Verbs Beginning With 'A'

Showing 13 Verbs, 1 Phrasal Verbs

Abide (1)

Abide by

Account (1)

Account for

Ache (1)

Ache for

Act (4)

Act on
Act out
Act up
Act upon

Add (3)

Add on
Add up
Add up to

Agree (1)

Agree with

Aim (1)

Aim at

Allow (2)

Allow for
Allow of

Angle (1)

Angle for

Answer (2)

Answer back
Answer for

Argue (2)

Argue down
Argue out

Ask (8)

Ask about
Ask after
Ask around
Ask for
Ask in
Ask out
Ask over
Ask round

Auction (1)

Auction off