Phrasal Verb 'Come out'

We have 9 phrasal verb definitions related to 'Come out'.

Come out

A secret is revealed

Example: The details of the scandal CAME OUT in the press and she had to resign.

Come out

Be published or otherwise available to the public

Example: The band's new CD is COMING OUT in September.

Come out

Disappear when washed

Example: The red wine I spilt just will not COME OUT of the carpet no matter what I try to clean it with.

Come out

Let people know that you are lesbian or gay

Example: She CAME OUT at university and has been living with her partner, Jane, for the last couple of years.

Come out

When the sun appears

Example: It started cloudy, but then the sun CAME OUT and we all went to the park.

Come out in

Have a rash or similar skin problem

Example: She CAME OUT IN a nasty rash after touching the poisonous plant by mistake.

Come out of

Recover consciousness

Example: After three years, he CAME OUT OF the coma.

Come out with

Make something available

Example: They have just COME OUT WITH a new version.

Come out with

Say something publicly and unexpectedly

Example: She CAME OUT WITH the answer when everyone was expecting it to remain unsolved.