English Phrasal Verb Dictionary: D

List of English Phrasal Verbs Beginning With 'D'

Showing 42 Verbs, 2 Phrasal Verbs

Damp (2)

Damp down
Damp off

Dash (2)

Dash down
Dash off

Dawn (1)

Dawn on

Deal (2)

Deal in
Deal with

Decide (2)

Decide on
Decide upon

Dial (3)

Dial in
Dial into
Dial up

Die (6)

Die away
Die back
Die down
Die for
Die off
Die out

Dig (4)

Dig in
Dig into
Dig out
Dig up

Dime (1)

Dime out

Dine (2)

Dine out
Dine out on

Dip (3)

Dip in
Dip into
Dip out

Disagree (1)

Disagree with

Dish (2)

Dish out
Dish up

Dive (2)

Dive in
Dive into

Divide (1)

Divide up

Divvy (2)

Divvy out
Divvy up

Do (7)

Do away with
Do in
Do out of
Do over
Do up
Do with
Do without

Dob (1)

Dob in

Dole (1)

Dole out

Doss (3)

Doss about
Doss around
Doss down

Double (7)

Double as
Double back
Double down
Double down on
Double over
Double up
Double up as

Doze (1)

Doze off

Drag (1)

Drag on

Draw (9)

Draw back
Draw down
Draw even
Draw in
Draw into
Draw on
Draw out
Draw up
Draw upon

Dream (2)

Dream of
Dream up

Dredge (1)

Dredge up

Dress (2)

Dress down
Dress up

Drift (2)

Drift apart
Drift off

Drill (3)

Drill down
Drill down through
Drill into

Drink (1)

Drink up

Drive (6)

Drive away
Drive back
Drive by
Drive off
Drive out
Drive up

Drone (1)

Drone on

Drop (12)

Drop around
Drop away
Drop back
Drop behind
Drop by
Drop in
Drop off
Drop out
Drop over
Drop round
Drop someone in it
Drop through

Drown (2)

Drown in
Drown out

Drum (3)

Drum into
Drum out
Drum up

Dry (3)

Dry off
Dry out
Dry up

Duck (1)

Duck out of

Duff (1)

Duff up

Dumb (1)

Dumb down

Dump (1)

Dump on

Dust (2)

Dust down
Dust off

Dwell (2)

Dwell on
Dwell upon