English Phrasal Verb Dictionary

List of English Phrasal Verbs Beginning With 'F'

Showing 58 Verbs, 134 Phrasal Verbs

Face (2)

Face off
Face up to

Faff (2)

Faff about
Faff around

Fall (14)

Fall about
Fall apart
Fall back
Fall back on
Fall behind
Fall down
Fall for
Fall in
Fall into
Fall off
Fall out
Fall over
Fall through
Fall under

Farm (1)

Farm out

Fart (2)

Fart about
Fart around

Fasten (4)

Fasten down
Fasten on
Fasten onto
Fasten up

Fathom (1)

Fathom out

Fatten (1)

Fatten up

Fawn (2)

Fawn on
Fawn over

Feed (3)

Feed off
Feed on
Feed up

Feel (2)

Feel up
Feel up to

Fence (2)

Fence in
Fence off

Fend (2)

Fend for
Fend off

Ferret (1)

Ferret out

Fess (2)

Fess up
Fess up to

Fetch (1)

Fetch up

Fiddle (3)

Fiddle about
Fiddle around
Fiddle away

Fight (3)

Fight back
Fight it out
Fight off

Figure (2)

Figure on
Figure out

File (2)

File away
File for

Fill (5)

Fill in
Fill in for
Fill in on
Fill out
Fill up

Filter (2)

Filter in
Filter out

Find (1)

Find out

Finish (4)

Finish off
Finish up
Finish up with
Finish with

Fink (2)

Fink on
Fink out

Fire (3)

Fire away
Fire off
Fire up

Firm (1)

Firm up

Fish (2)

Fish for
Fish out

Fit (6)

Fit in
Fit in with
Fit into
Fit out
Fit out with
Fit up

Fix (1)

Fix up

Fizzle (1)

Fizzle out

Flag (2)

Flag down
Flag up

Flake (1)

Flake out

Flame (2)

Flame out
Flame up

Flare (2)

Flare out
Flare up

Flesh (1)

Flesh out

Flick (2)

Flick over
Flick through

Flip (3)

Flip off
Flip out
Flip through

Flog (1)

Flog off

Floor (1)

Floor it

Flounce (2)

Flounce off
Flounce out

Fluff (2)

Fluff out
Fluff up

Fly (5)

Fly about
Fly around
Fly at
Fly by
Fly into

Fob (4)

Fob off
Fob off on
Fob off onto
Fob off with

Focus (1)

Focus on

Fold (1)

Fold up

Follow (4)

Follow on
Follow on from
Follow through
Follow up

Fool (3)

Fool about
Fool around
Fool with

Forge (1)

Forge ahead

Freak (1)

Freak out

Free (1)

Free up

Freeze (3)

Freeze out
Freeze over
Freeze up

Freshen (1)

Freshen up

Frighten (2)

Frighten away
Frighten off

Fritter (1)

Fritter away

Front (5)

Front for
Front off
Front onto
Front out
Front up

Frown (1)

Frown on

Fuel (1)

Fuel up