Phrasal Verb 'Get around'

We have 7 phrasal verb definitions related to 'Get around'.

Get around

Become known

Example: It didn't take long for the news to GET AROUND once it got into the newspapers.

Get around

Visit many different places

Example: He GETS AROUND a lot- he's always flying somewhere different.

Get around

Walk or go to places

Example: He's finding it hard to GET AROUND since the operation and spends most of his time at home.

Get around

Avoid a problem

Example: It'll be tricky, but we will find a way to GET AROUND the regulations.

Get around

Persuade, convince

Example: She didn't want to accept my application because it was late, but I managed to GET AROUND her.

Get around

Have personal or sexual relationships with many people

Example: He GETS AROUND a bit; he's always with some new girlfriend.

Get around to

Finally manage to do something, make the effort to do something

Example: It always takes me ages to GET AROUND to replying to letters.