Phrasal Verb 'Get down'

We have 10 phrasal verb definitions related to 'Get down'.

Get down

Make someone depressed, unhappy, exhausted, etc.

Example: The miserable weather in winter really GETS me DOWN.

Get down

Write, record

Example: I couldn't GET DOWN everything he said.

Get down

Manage to swallow

Example: The medicine tasted horrible and it was difficult to GET it DOWN.

Get down

Descend, leave a vehicle

Example: The trained pulled in and we GOT DOWN.

Get down

Leave the table after eating

Example: When they had finished dinner, the children asked if they could GET DOWN.

Get down


Example: The doctor says I my GET my cholesterol levels DOWN.

Get down

Have an affair or sexual relations

Example: They GOT DOWN at the party last week.

Get down on


Example: My mother used to GET DOWN ON us for not doing enough homework.

Get down to

Start working seriously

Example: I find it extremely difficult to GET DOWN TO doing any revision for examinations.

Get down to

Enjoy something a lot

Example: People were GETTING DOWN TO the concert.