Phrasal Verb 'Get in'

We have 15 phrasal verb definitions related to 'Get in'.

Get in

Arrange for someone to do a job in your home, workplace, etc

Example: The air conditioning has broken down; we'll have to GET a technician IN to fix it.

Get in

Arrive (train, plane, etc.)

Example: Her plane GETS IN at 2am our time.

Get in

Arrive home

Example: She didn't GET IN till well after twelve o'clock because she'd been out for a few drinks with her mates.

Get in

Enter a car or taxi

Example: The taxi pulled up and we GOT IN.

Get in

Buy or obtain supplies, like food

Example: We need to GET some coffee IN; we're completely out.

Get in

Arrive at work, school, home

Example: I GOT IN late today because the train broke down.

Get in

Enter a building or place

Example: I borrowed her pass to GET IN.

Get in

Be elected

Example: The government GOT IN with a very small majority.

Get in

Manage to say or do

Example: I couldn't GET a word IN throughout the meeting.

Get in

Be admitted to a university, club, etc

Example: He did badly in the entrance exam and didn't GET IN.

Get in

Bring inside a place

Example: It's raining; I'd better GET the washing IN.

Get in

Submit, apply

Example: We have to GET the forms IN by the end of this week.

Get in

Pay for drinks

Example: He GOT the drinks IN.

Get in on

Become involved

Example: The company tried to GET IN ON our market.

Get in with

Become friendly with, ingratiate with

Example: I tried to GET IN WITH them as I thought it would help me at work.