Phrasal Verb 'Get off'

We have 15 phrasal verb definitions related to 'Get off'.

Get off

Escape punishment

Example: He GOT OFF on a technicality and left the court a free man.

Get off

Leave a bus, train, etc.

Example: We GOT OFF the bus and walked to my house.

Get off

Finish, leave work

Example: I like to GET OFF early on Fridays.

Get off

Start a journey

Example: We need to GET OFF early to avoid the rush hour traffic.

Get off

Help a baby or child sleep

Example: I can't GET the kids OFF because of the noise from next door.

Get off

Orgasm, have sex

Example: We GOT OFF last night.

Get off

Manage to fire a gun

Example: She GOT OFF a few shots before she was arrested.

Get off

Stop talking on the phone

Example: Let me know when he GETS OFF the phone as I need to make a call.

Get off

Write or send letters, messages, etc

Example: I GOT three emails OFF before the meeting.

Get off

Say or write something funny

Example: She GOT OFF some jokes at the start of her presentation.

Get off it

A way of expressing disbelief, or telling someone that they're wrong or have an incorrect opinion

Example: I knew he was lying so I told him to GET OFF IT.

Get off on

Enjoy a drug

Example: He GETS OFF ON crystal meth every night.

Get off on

Become excited by

Example: She GETS OFF ON her power over us.

Get off with

Have casual sex with

Example: He GOT OFF WITH her at the party.

Get off!

Don't touch, leave alone

Example: If he bothers you, just tell him where to GET OFF.