Phrasal Verb 'Get on'

We have 13 phrasal verb definitions related to 'Get on'.

Get on

Continue doing something

Example: The teacher asked the pupils to GET ON with some work quietly as she had to leave the classroom.

Get on

Enter a bus, train, plane, etc.

Example: We GOT ON the train at Plymouth and went up to London.

Get on

Make progress, deal with something with a reasonable degree of success

Example: How are you GETTING ON with your Spanish lessons?

Get on

Have a good relationship

Example: We have always GOT ON well.

Get on

Become old, age

Example: He's GETTING ON now and doesn't work so hard.

Get on

Be late or near an arranged time

Example: I must get home now; it's GETTING ON.

Get on

Wear, fit

Example: I have put so much weight on that I couldn't GET my old suits ON.

Get on


Example: I must be GETTING ON; I have other things to do this evening.

Get on at

Criticise unfairly

Example: He's always GETTING ON AT me when I haven't done anything wrong.

Get on for

Be near a time

Example: It's GETTING ON FOR midnight.

Get on to

Start to suspect

Example: It took the authorities a long time to GET ON TO the gang.

Get on with

Have a good relationship

Example: Fortunately, I GET ON WITH my boss.

Get on with

Continue or start doing something

Example: She told us to GET ON WITH our work.