Phrasal Verb 'Go on'

We have 12 phrasal verb definitions related to 'Go on'.

Go on


Example: He WENT ON and ON talking and I was so bored.

Go on


Example: There are loads of people out in the street; what's GOING ON?

Go on

Start doing or taking something

Example: She WENT ON the pill when she met him.

Go on

Be guided

Example: The investigators have no clues to GO ON.

Go on

Be nearly a certain period of time

Example: It's GOING ON ten years since we met.

Go on


Example: They asked me how the project was GOING ON.

Go on

Spend money

Example: Most of my salary GOES ON my mortgage repayments.

Go on

Start working (electric/electronic equipment)

Example: The alarm GOES ON when you close the front door.

Go on about

Talk too much

Example: He's always GOING ON ABOUT his kids.

Go on at

Pester, try to make someone do something by repeatedly asking or suggesting

Example: He WENT ON AT his parents until they bought him the game.

Go on to


Example: We had dinner and WENT ON TO a few bars.

Go on with

Continue doing

Example: Please GO ON WITH your work.