Phrasal Verb 'Go out'

We have 12 phrasal verb definitions related to 'Go out'.

Go out

Stop burning, be extinguished

Example: The candle WENT OUT and left us in darkness.

Go out

Leave a place

Example: He WENT OUT last night.

Go out

Go on strike

Example: The workers WENT OUT for more money.

Go out

Become infashionable

Example: That sort of tie WENT OUT last year.

Go out

Move backwards, of a tide

Example: The tide GOES OUT in the evening.

Go out

Be eliminated in a competition

Example: England WENT OUT in the second round.

Go out

Be transmitted

Example: The item WENT OUT on the news yesterday.

Go out

Be sent

Example: The newsletter WENT OUT last night.

Go out


Example: I didn't GO OUT to offend them.

Go out for

Become a candidate, apply for something

Example: She WENT OUT FOR a place on the team.

Go out to

Feel sympathy with someone

Example: Our condolences GO OUT TO all the families who have lost people in this tragic accident.

Go out with

Have a relationship with

Example: He's been GOING OUT WITH his girlfriend for around six months now.