English Phrasal Verb Dictionary

List of English Phrasal Verbs Beginning With 'H'

Showing 35 Verbs, 112 Phrasal Verbs

Hack (4)

Hack around
Hack into
Hack off
Hack up

Ham (1)

Ham up

Hammer (3)

Hammer away at
Hammer into
Hammer out

Hand (6)

Hand back
Hand down
Hand in
Hand on
Hand out
Hand over

Hang (16)

Hang about
Hang about!
Hang around
Hang back
Hang back from
Hang in there
Hang it up
Hang on
Hang onto
Hang out
Hang out for
Hang over
Hang together
Hang up
Hang up on
Hang with

Hanker (2)

Hanker after
Hanker for

Harp (1)

Harp on

Hash (2)

Hash out
Hash up

Hate (1)

Hate on

Have (13)

Have against
Have around
Have down as
Have in
Have it away
Have it in for
Have it off
Have it out with
Have off
Have on
Have over
Have round
Have up

Head (4)

Head for
Head off
Head out
Head up

Hear (4)

Hear about
Hear from
Hear of
Hear out

Heat (1)

Heat up

Help (1)

Help out

Hem (1)

Hem in

Hew (1)

Hew to

Hide (2)

Hide away
Hide out

Hinge (2)

Hinge on
Hinge upon

Hit (10)

Hit back
Hit for
Hit it off
Hit it off with
Hit on
Hit out at
Hit up
Hit up on
Hit upon
Hit with

Hive (1)

Hive off

Hold (18)

Hold against
Hold back
Hold back from
Hold down
Hold forth
Hold off
Hold on
Hold on to
Hold onto
Hold out
Hold out against
Hold out for
Hold out on
Hold over
Hold to
Hold together
Hold up
Hold with

Hole (1)

Hole up

Hollow (1)

Hollow out

Home (1)

Home in on

Hone (1)

Hone in on

Hook (3)

Hook into
Hook up
Hook up to

Hoon (1)

Hoon around

Horse (1)

Horse around

Hose (1)

Hose down

Hound (1)

Hound out

Hover (1)

Hover around

Hunker (1)

Hunker down

Hunt (3)

Hunt down
Hunt out
Hunt up

Hush (1)

Hush up

Hutch (1)

Hutch up