English Phrasal Verb Dictionary: L

List of English Phrasal Verbs Beginning With 'L'

Showing 34 Verbs, 1 Phrasal Verbs

Land (3)

Land in
Land up in
Land with

Lap (1)

Lap up

Large (1)

Large it up

Lark (3)

Lark about
Lark around
Lark it up

Lash (6)

Lash down
Lash into
Lash out
Lash out against
Lash out at
Lash out on

Latch (3)

Latch on
Latch on to
Latch onto

Laugh (1)

Laugh off

Lay (5)

Lay down
Lay into
Lay off
Lay on
Lay out

Lead (2)

Lead on
Lead to

Leak (1)

Leak out

Lean (1)

Lean on

Leap (4)

Leap at
Leap on
Leap out at
Leap upon

Leave (2)

Leave on
Leave out

Let (6)

Let down
Let in
Let in on
Let off
Let on
Let out

Level (4)

Level off
Level out
Level up
Level with

Lie (3)

Lie around
Lie down
Lie with

Lift (1)

Lift off

Light (2)

Light out
Light up

Lighten (1)

Lighten up

Limber (2)

Limber up
Limber up for

Line (1)

Line up

Link (2)

Link up
Link up with

Listen (2)

Listen out for
Listen up

Live (12)

Live by
Live down
Live for
Live in
Live it up
Live off
Live on
Live out
Live through
Live together
Live up to
Live with

Liven (1)

Liven up

Load (3)

Load down
Load up
Load up on

Lock (7)

Lock away
Lock down
Lock in
Lock onto
Lock out
Lock up
Lock yourself away

Log (5)

Log in
Log into
Log off
Log on
Log out

Look (19)

Look after
Look back
Look down on
Look for
Look forward to
Look in
Look in on
Look into
Look on
Look on as
Look out
Look out for
Look over
Look round
Look through
Look to
Look up
Look up to
Look upon as

Loosen (1)

Loosen up

Lord (1)

Lord it over

Lose (3)

Lose out
Lose out on
Lose out to

Luck (2)

Luck into
Luck out

Lust (1)

Lust after