English Phrasal Verb Dictionary

List of English Phrasal Verbs Beginning With 'M'

Showing 28 Verbs, 86 Phrasal Verbs

Magic (1)

Magic away

Make (17)

Make after
Make away with
Make do with
Make for
Make into
Make it
Make it up to
Make of
Make off
Make off with
Make out
Make over
Make towards
Make up
Make up for
Make up to
Make with

Man (2)

Man down
Man up

Mark (7)

Mark down
Mark down as
Mark off
Mark out
Mark out for
Mark out from
Mark up

Marry (4)

Marry in
Marry off
Marry out
Marry up

Mash (1)

Mash up

Max (1)

Max out

Measure (5)

Measure against
Measure off
Measure out
Measure up
Measure up to

Meet (3)

Meet up
Meet up with
Meet with

Melt (1)

Melt down

Mess (7)

Mess about
Mess about with
Mess around
Mess around with
Mess over
Mess up
Mess with

Mete (1)

Mete out

Mill (1)

Mill around

Miss (2)

Miss out
Miss out on

Mix (1)

Mix up

Mock (1)

Mock up

Moggy (1)

Moggy off

Monkey (1)

Monkey around

Mooch (2)

Mooch about
Mooch around

Mop (1)

Mop up

Mope (2)

Mope about
Mope around

Mount (1)

Mount up

Mouth (1)

Mouth off

Move (12)

Move ahead
Move along
Move away
Move away from
Move down
Move in
Move in on
Move into
Move on
Move out
Move towards
Move up

Muddle (3)

Muddle along
Muddle through
Muddle up

Mug (2)

Mug up
Mug up on

Mull (1)

Mull over

Muscle (4)

Muscle in
Muscle in on
Muscle into
Muscle out