English Phrasal Verb Dictionary: P

List of English Phrasal Verbs Beginning With 'P'

Showing 64 Verbs, 218 Phrasal Verbs

Pack (6)

Pack away
- Put something where it belongs
Pack in
- Stop doing something
- End a relationship
- Fill a venue
- Break down, stop working
Pack it in
- Stop doing something (used as an imperative)
Pack off
- Send someone away
Pack out
- Fill a venue
Pack up
- Stop doing something
- Finish work
- Break down, stop working
- Collect things and put them where you keep them

Pad (2)

Pad down
- Sleep somewhere for the night
Pad out
- Make a text longer by including extra content, often content that isn't particularly relevant

Pair (3)

Pair off
- Begin a romantic relationship
- Introduce people, hoping they will start a relationship
- Form pairs
Pair off with
- Form a pair with someone
Pair up
- Form a pair

Pal (3)

Pal about
- Be friendly and spend time with someone
Pal around
- Be friendly and spend time with someone
Pal up
- Become friends

Palm (1)

Palm off
- Get someone to accept something that isn't true
- Pretend something is better than it is in order to sell it

Pan (1)

Pan out
- The way a situation develops

Paper (1)

Paper over
- Try to conceal a problem without really fixing it

Pare (2)

Pare back
- If you pare something back, you reduce the size or numbers.
Pare down
- Reduce, decrease

Part (1)

Part with
- Give something away, especially when you don't want to

Pass (16)

Pass around
- Give out to everybody there
Pass as
- Be believed to be something
Pass away
- Die
Pass back
- Return
Pass by
- Go past without stopping
- Visit briefly
- Miss an opportunity
Pass down
- Transmit information or give property to younger generations
Pass for
- Be accepted as something, usually when not
Pass off
- Convince something that something is real
- Happen in a certain way
Pass on
- Give a message to someone
- Decline an invitation or opportunity
- Die
Pass on to
- Change topic or subject
Pass out
- Faint, lose consciousness
- Distribute
Pass over
- Ignore someone and give a job, reward, etc, to someone more junior
- Ignore, refuse to discuss
Pass round
- Distribute, give to people present
Pass through
- Visit a place without stopping or only stopping briefly
Pass to
- Give ownership or responsibility to someone
- Become owner of or responsible for something
Pass up
- Decline a chance

Pat (1)

Pat down
- Search or frisk someone

Patch (2)

Patch together
- Create or assemble something quickly without much planning
Patch up
- Fix or make things better
- Give an injured person basic medical treatment

Pay (5)

Pay back
- Repay money borrowed
- Take revenge on
Pay down
- Pay a debt over time
Pay for
- Purchase
Pay into
- Deposit money
Pay off
- Completely repay a debt
- Produce a profitable or successful result

Peck (1)

Peck at
- Eat very small amounts

Peel (5)

Peel away
- Leave a group by moving in a different direction
Peel away from
- Leave a group by moving in a different direction
Peel off
- Leave a group by moving in a different direction
Peel off from
- Leave a group by moving in a different direction
Peel out
- Accelerate rapidly from stationary

Peg (4)

Peg away
- Keep working at something
Peg down
- Fasten something to the ground
Peg it
- Die
Peg out
- Put washing outside to dry
- Die
- Mark out an area of land by driving pegs into the ground

Pen (2)

Pen in
- Confine people or animals to an area and prevent them from leaving
Pen up
- Keep people or animals in a restricted area and prevent them from leaving

Pencil (1)

Pencil in
- Make a provisional appointment

Pep (1)

Pep up
- Make something more interesting
- Make someone more enthusiastic, energetic or interested

Perk (1)

Perk up
- Feel better or happier, make someone feel better or happier

Peter (1)

Peter out
- Lose impetus and stop

Phase (2)

Phase in
- Introduce gradually
Phase out
- Remove gradually

Phone (1)

Phone in
- Telephone your place of work to pass on information
- Telephone a TV or radio programme
- Work or perform without much enthusiasm or effort

Pick (10)

Pick apart
- Criticise, find fault
Pick at
- Eat unwillingly
- Criticise
Pick off
- Target individuals to change a group
Pick on
- Bother, annoy, criticize or make fun of someone
Pick out
- Choose
- Identify from a picture
Pick through
- Search something that is disordered for something
Pick up
- Improve
- Learn quickly
- Collect
- Receive (a broadcast)
- Collect (a person). This differs from the 'collect a thing' meaning - as that means 'collect and bring back' whereas this means either (i) 'collect and drop off on your way' or (ii) 'collect and bring to the same destination'.
Pick up after
- Tidy a mess someone else has made
Pick up on
- Correct someone when they say something wrong
- Notice something that most people don't
- React to something
- Comment on something said earlier in a conversation
Pick yourself up
- Recover from a fall or problem

Pig (2)

Pig off
- Used to tell someone to get lost or leave you alone
Pig out
- Eat a lot

Pile (5)

Pile in
- Enter a place quickly, in a disorganised way
Pile into
- Enter a place quickly, in a disorganised way
Pile on
- Add or give more or something
- Exaggerate or talk in a way to affect someone's feelings
Pile out
- Leave a place quickly, in a disorganised way
Pile up
- Accumulate
- Accumulate in a pile or heap

Pin (3)

Pin down
- Get a fixed idea, opinion, etc, from someone.
- Discover exact details about something
Pin on
- Attach the blame to someone
Pin up
- Fix something to a wall, or other vertical surface, with a pin

Pine (2)

Pine away
- Suffer physically because of grief, stress, worry, etc
Pine for
- Want or miss something or someone

Pipe (2)

Pipe down
- Be quiet (often as an imperative)
Pipe up
- To speak, raise your voice

Pit (2)

Pit against
- Compete or force to compete
Pit out
- Go into the pits (car racing)

Pitch (3)

Pitch for
- Try to persuade someone to give your work, business, a job, etc
Pitch in
- Work together to help achieve an objective
Pitch into
- Criticise severely or attack someone

Plant (1)

Plant out
- Put a young plant that has been grown in a pot or greenhouse into the ground

Plate (1)

Plate up
- Put food onto a plate to serve

Play (14)

Play about
- Be silly
- Be sexually promiscuous or unfaithful
Play along
- Pretend to agree or accept something in order to keep someone happy or to get more information
Play around
- Be silly
- Be sexually promiscuous or unfaithful
Play at
- Pretend to be something
Play away
- Be sexually unfaithful when away from home
Play back
- Listen to or watch something you've recorded
Play down
- Try to make something seem less important
Play off
- Play a game to decide who the winner is
- Make people compete against each other so that you benefit
Play on
- Continue playing a sport though there might be a reason to stop
- Continue playing music
- Exploit a weakness
- Pun
Play out
- Progress, often till it finishes
- Pretend that something is real and reduce its effect
- Play something to the end
- Unwind (e.g., fishing line)
Play up
- Behave badly
Play up to
- Flatter someone
- Behave in a way expected
Play upon
- Exploit a weakness
Play with
- Touch and move something to occupy your hands
- Not eat much of a meal
- Consider something, but not seriously

Plead (1)

Plead out
- Plead guilty to get a reduced sentence or fine

Plough (5)

Plough back
- Re-invest money you have made into a business
Plough into
- Collide into at speed
Plough on
- Continue doing something you don't want to
Plough through
- Eat a big meal
- Read something that is difficult or takes a lot of time
- Move through somewhere where there is little space or there are obstacles
Plough up
- Break the surface of soil

Plow (5)

Plow back
- Re-invest money you have made into a business
Plow into
- Collide into at speed
Plow on
- Continue doing something you don't want to
Plow through
- Eat a big meal
- Read something that is difficult or takes a lot of time
- Move through somewhere where there is little space or there are obstacles
Plow up
- Break the surface of soil

Pluck (2)

Pluck at
- Pull or fiddle with something nervously
Pluck up
- Muster, acquire, gather

Plug (3)

Plug away
- Do something with determination despite any difficulties
Plug in
- Connect machines to the electricity supply
Plug into
- Be involved with, get information about

Plump (4)

Plump down
- Put something in a place without taking care
Plump for
- Choose
Plump up
- Make something like a cushion bigger and softer by shaking it
Plump yourself down
- Sit down heavily

Point (1)

Point out
- Make someone aware of something

Poke (2)

Poke about
- Move things around or search in a casual way to try to find something
Poke around
- Move things around or search in a casual way to try to find something

Polish (2)

Polish off
- Finish, consume
Polish up
- Improve something quickly

Pony (1)

Pony up
- Pay for something

Poop (2)

Poop out
- Get too tired to do something
Poop out on
- Fail to keep an appointment

Pootle (1)

Pootle along
- Travel in a leisurely way

Pop (6)

Pop down
- Travel somewhere to visit
Pop down to
- Go somewhere quickly to do something, often to buy or get something
Pop in
- Visit for a short time
Pop off
- Talk loudly, complain
- Go out for a short time
- Kill, shoot
Pop out
- Go out for a short time
Pop up
- Appear, like windows and boxes opening on a computer screen.
- Appear unexpectedly

Pore (1)

Pore over
- Read, look at or study carefully

Potter (2)

Potter about
- Spend time doing little things for pleasure
Potter around
- Spend some time doing little things for pleasure

Pour (2)

Pour down
- Rain hard
Pour forth
- Emerge from a place in large numbers

Power (3)

Power down
- Cut the electricity supply to a computer or electronic device
Power off
- Cut the electricity to a computer or device to turn it off
Power up
- Turn a computer or electronic device on so that it is ready to use

Prattle (1)

Prattle on
- Talk too much

Press (6)

Press ahead
- Continue with something
Press for
- Apply pressure to get permission or to obtain something
Press forward with
- Continue or go ahead with a project, process, plan, etc
Press into
- Bring or force into use
Press on
- Continue with something
Press upon
- Pressure someone to accept something offered

Prey (2)

Prey on
- Catch and kill an animal for food
- Exploit or harm
Prey upon
- Catch and kill an animal for food
- Exploit or harm

Price (2)

Price in
- Include the affects of possible future events when assessing the value of something
Price up
- Charge more for something

Print (1)

Print out
- Make a hard copy of a computer document

Prop (1)

Prop up
- Support something, both physically and financially, politically, etc.

Pry (1)

Pry out
- Obtain information someone is unwilling to give up

Psych (2)

Psych out
- Work out or anticipate someone's intentions
- Make someone less confident
Psych up
- Prepare someone mentally

Pucker (1)

Pucker up
- Move your lips into position to receive a kiss
- Move your lips into position to receive a kiss

Pull (16)

Pull ahead
- Overtake, move in front
Pull apart
- Destroy an argument, theory, etc
- Stop people or animals fighting
- Make someone unhappy or upset
Pull away
- When a vehicle moves from a place
Pull back
- Score a goal or point when losing
- Move away from a place, especially when talking about soldiers
- Move away from someone
- Decide not to do something or not to be involved with it any longer
Pull down
- Demolish
- Make someone depressed
- Earn
Pull for
- Support
Pull in
- When a train arrives at a station
- Attract
- Stop a car by the side of the road
- Areest or take someone to a police station for questioning
Pull off
- Manage to do something difficult or tricky
- Start moving (vehicles)
Pull on
- Put clothes on
Pull out
- Start moving (train)
- Move into traffic
- Withdraw
- Remove soldiers from an area
Pull over
- Stop by the side of the road
- Make a vehicle stop
Pull through
- Recover from and illness or problem
Pull to
- Close a door or window that has been left open
Pull together
- Work together as a team
Pull up
- Slow and stop a car
- Inform someone that they are wrong
Pull yourself together
- Become calm or regain control of your emotions

Pump (4)

Pump (money) into
- Invest in something
Pump in
- Invest, put money in
Pump out
- Remove liquids coming in using a pump
- Produce, emit a lot of something
Pump up
- Encourage, make someone feel confident
- Fill with air
- Increase substantially

Push (10)

Push about
- Bully, treat badly
Push ahead
- Continue, especially when something is difficult
Push along
- Leave, go home
Push around
- Bully, treat badly
Push in
- Get in a queue without waiting
Push off
- Go away (imperative)
- Push against the side of a pool, river bank, etc, tostartswimming
Push on
- Continue
Push out
- Force someone to leave
Push over
- Push someone or something with enough force to make them or it fall
Push through
- Force something to be accepted or legal

Put (20)

Put across
- Communicate, convey a message
Put away
- Put something back in the correct place
- Put someone in prison
Put back
- Rearrange something for a later time
Put by
- Save for the future
Put down
- Kill an animal because it's old, ill, etc.
- Stop holding (but withdraw support gently)
Put down for
- Commit to make a payment
Put down to
- Give as an explanation
Put forward
- Propose, suggest or nominate
Put in
- Install
Put in for
- Make a request
Put off
- Postpone
- Stop liking something or somebody
Put on
- Get fat
- Deceive, lie
- Start wearing
Put out
- Broadcast
- Disturb or trouble someone
- Extinguish a cigarette, fire, etc.
Put over
- Successfully execute (a scam, trick, etc.)
Put through
- Connect someone by phone
Put together
- Assemble
Put towards
- Make a financial contribution
Put up
- Allow someone to stay at your house for a night or a few days.
- Increase prices, taxes, duties, etc.
- Show skill or determination in a contest, competition, fight, etc
Put up to
- Encourage someone to do something
Put up with
- Tolerate