English Phrasal Verb Dictionary

List of English Phrasal Verbs Beginning With 'R'

Showing 35 Verbs, 112 Phrasal Verbs

Race (1)

Race off

Rack (3)

Rack off
Rack out
Rack up

Rain (3)

Rain down on
Rain off
Rain out

Rake (5)

Rake in
Rake it in
Rake off
Rake over
Rake up

Ramble (1)

Ramble on

Ramp (1)

Ramp up

Rap (1)

Rap out

Rat (3)

Rat on
Rat out
Rat through

Ratchet (1)

Ratchet up

Rattle (1)

Rattle off

Reach (3)

Reach out
Reach out for
Reach out to

Read (3)

Read off
Read out
Read up on

Reason (1)

Reason out

Reckon (1)

Reckon on

Reel (3)

Reel in
Reel off
Reel out

Rein (1)

Rein in

Rent (1)

Rent out

Ride (4)

Ride off
Ride on
Ride out
Ride up

Ring (7)

Ring back
Ring in
Ring off
Ring out
Ring round
Ring up
Ring with

Rip (2)

Rip off
Rip on

Rise (3)

Rise above
Rise to
Rise up

Rock (1)

Rock up

Roll (9)

Roll back
Roll by
Roll in
Roll off
Roll on
Roll on!
Roll out
Roll up
Roll up!

Romp (2)

Romp in
Romp through

Room (1)

Room in

Root (5)

Root about
Root around
Root for
Root out
Root up

Rope (3)

Rope in
Rope into
Rope off

Rough (1)

Rough up

Round (5)

Round down
Round off
Round on
Round out
Round up

Row (1)

Row back

Rub (8)

Rub along
Rub down
Rub in
Rub it in
Rub off on
Rub out
Rub up against
Rub up on

Rule (1)

Rule out

Run (20)

Run across
Run after
Run against
Run along
Run around
Run away
Run down
Run for
Run in
Run into
Run off
Run on
Run out of
Run over
Run through
Run to
Run up
Run up against
Run up on
Run with

Rush (5)

Rush away
Rush in
Rush into
Rush off
Rush out

Rustle (1)

Rustle up