English Phrasal Verb Dictionary: T

List of English Phrasal Verbs Beginning With 'T'

Showing 49 Verbs, 1 Phrasal Verbs

Tack (2)

Tack on
Tack onto

Tag (4)

Tag along
Tag on
Tag onto
Tag with

Tail (3)

Tail away
Tail back
Tail off

Take (18)

Take aback
Take after
Take apart
Take aside
Take away
Take back
Take down
Take in
Take it
Take it out on
Take it upon yourself
Take off
Take on
Take out
Take over
Take through
Take to
Take up

Talk (13)

Talk around
Talk at
Talk back
Talk down
Talk down to
Talk into
Talk out
Talk out of
Talk over
Talk round
Talk through
Talk up
Talk yourself out

Tap (5)

Tap for
Tap into
Tap off with
Tap out
Tap up

Taper (1)

Taper off

Team (1)

Team up

Tear (8)

Tear apart
Tear at
Tear away
Tear down
Tear into
Tear off
Tear out
Tear up

Tee (3)

Tee off
Tee off on
Tee up

Tell (3)

Tell apart
Tell off
Tell on

Tense (1)

Tense up

Text (1)

Text out

Think (3)

Think over
Think through
Think up

Thrash (1)

Thrash out

Throw (10)

Throw away
Throw in
Throw off
Throw on
Throw out
Throw over
Throw together
Throw up
Throw yourself at
Throw yourself into

Tick (5)

Tick along
Tick away
Tick by
Tick off
Tick over

Tickle (1)

Tickle up

Tide (1)

Tide over

Tidy (1)

Tidy up

Tie (5)

Tie back
Tie down
Tie in
Tie in with
Tie up

Tighten (1)

Tighten up

Time (1)

Time out

Tip (2)

Tip off
Tip over

Tire (2)

Tire of
Tire out

Toddle (1)

Toddle off

Tone (3)

Tone down
Tone in with
Tone up

Tool (1)

Tool up

Tootle (1)

Tootle off

Top (3)

Top off
Top out
Top up

Toss (8)

Toss about
Toss around
Toss aside
Toss back
Toss down
Toss for
Toss off
Toss up

Touch (6)

Touch down
Touch for
Touch off
Touch on
Touch up
Touch upon

Tow (1)

Tow away

Toy (3)

Toy at
Toy over
Toy with

Track (1)

Track down

Trade (6)

Trade down
Trade in
Trade off
Trade on
Trade up
Trade upon

Train (1)

Train up

Trickle (2)

Trickle down
Trickle up

Trigger (1)

Trigger off

Trip (3)

Trip out
Trip over
Trip up

Trot (3)

Trot off
Trot off to
Trot out

Trudge (1)

Trudge through

Trump (1)

Trump up

Try (6)

Try back
Try for
Try it on
Try on
Try out
Try out for

Tuck (4)

Tuck away
Tuck in
Tuck into
Tuck up

Tune (4)

Tune in
Tune in to
Tune out
Tune up

Turf (1)

Turf out

Turn (12)

Turn against
Turn around
Turn away
Turn down
Turn in
Turn into
Turn off
Turn on
Turn out
Turn over
Turn to
Turn up

Type (3)

Type in
Type out
Type up