English Phrasal Verb Dictionary

List of English Phrasal Verbs Beginning With 'W'

Showing 39 Verbs, 102 Phrasal Verbs

Wade (3)

Wade in
Wade into
Wade through

Wait (9)

Wait about
Wait around
Wait behind
Wait in
Wait on
Wait out
Wait up
Wait up!
Wait upon

Wake (1)

Wake up

Walk (12)

Walk away from
Walk away with
Walk back from
Walk in on
Walk into
Walk off
Walk off with
Walk on
Walk out
Walk out on
Walk through
Walk up

Waltz (1)

Waltz through

Wander (1)

Wander off

Want (1)

Want out

Warm (1)

Warm up

Wash (5)

Wash away
Wash down
Wash out
Wash over
Wash up

Waste (1)

Waste away

Watch (3)

Watch out
Watch out for
Watch over

Water (1)

Water down

Wave (4)

Wave aside
Wave down
Wave off
Wave on

Wean (1)

Wean off

Wear (4)

Wear away
Wear down
Wear off
Wear out

Weasel (2)

Weasel out
Weasel out of

Weed (1)

Weed out

Weigh (6)

Weigh down on
Weigh in
Weigh in on
Weigh on
Weigh out
Weigh up

Weird (1)

Weird out

Well (1)

Well up

Wheel (3)

Wheel around
Wheel out
Wheel round

While (1)

While away

Whip (6)

Whip into
Whip off
Whip out
Whip out of
Whip through
Whip up

Whisk (2)

Whisk away
Whisk off

White (1)

White out

Wig (1)

Wig out

Wiggle (2)

Wiggle out
Wiggle out of

Wimp (1)

Wimp out

Wind (3)

Wind down
Wind on
Wind up

Winkle (1)

Winkle out

Winnow (2)

Winnow down
Winnow out

Wipe (2)

Wipe out
Wipe up

Wire (1)

Wire up

Wise (1)

Wise up

Word (2)

Word up
Word up!

Work (5)

Work off
Work on
Work out
Work over
Work through

Wrap (3)

Wrap around
Wrap round
Wrap up

Wriggle (1)

Wriggle out of

Write (5)

Write down
Write in
Write off
Write out
Write up