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  • Length: 2 characters
  • Syllables: 1

Lexical Information:

  • SUCH AS means 'for example'
  • One of the 220 words in the Dolch high frequency list
  • One of the 850 words in Basic English
  • In the top 2,000 words in the Brown Corpus
  • Common word- this is one of the thousand words most frequently used in English.
  • Idiom used in GMAT
  • A list of about 3,000 words defined as easy for the Dale-Chall Readability Formula

Grammatical Information:

  • Conjunction
  • A conjunction joins words or, more frequently, phrases and clauses

Usage Notes:

  • SINCE and AS can be used as synonyms of BECAUSE
  • We use AS IF rather than LIKE before a verb.
  • We use the present or past tense after AS SOON AS, not WILL or SHALL

Spelling Notes:

  • It's not an imprisonable offence to use LIKE with a verb, although many would prefer AS IF

Other Comments:

  • Examiners' Favourite!!
  • AS on its own isn't used with the meaning 'for example'
  • In gap-filling exercises, if you're looking for one word meaning 'for example' use LIKE