ESL Games: 176 English Language Games for Children

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By: Shelley Ann Vernon

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Be a successful, fun teacher with this action-packed games book for children learning English & FREE BONUS

How would you like to have happy, motivated pupils who love learning English with you ? Now you can. Have you noticed how kids tend to forget everything you covered in the previous lesson ? The vocabulary goes in one ear and out the other ! 176 English Language Games for Children solves that problem, by making repetition fun. Now you can drill your pupils in new vocabulary and grammar until they are blue in the face and they won’t hate you, they’ll love you for it ! Now they will be motivated and enjoying your lessons. They will gain confidence in speaking, remember what you teach them and get better results.

With the help of numerous teachers writing in with feedback over the years, Shelley Ann Vernon has created a fabulous collection of fun, easy ESL games for the classroom. This is a great book for the staff room bookshelf, and for any ESL teacher out there who wants to get better results and prepare fun lessons quickly.

What you will get from this book:

  • Easier, faster lesson planning

  • Fun language drills for learning new vocabulary and grammar

  • Fun ways to have all the children speaking as much as possible during lessons

  • Classroom management strategies that work in the real world

  • Games for listening, speaking, spelling, reading and writing skills

  • And you may even become a more popular teacher

  • It can be a challenge learning to teach, or changing your teaching style but if you do it with one new game a day, you'll soon become the inspirational teacher you really want to be.

    Getting Your FREE Bonus

    Inside this book is access to a series of elementary lesson plans made from games in the book. By using these lessons you'll be taken through the six steps to a fun, yet effective classroom.
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    Date: 2014-11-03

    Media: Kindle Edition (245 Pages)



    Language: English