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Published: 28th Jun 2008

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Business English Present Continuous Sounds and Mimes

Worksheet 1- Present Continuous Sounds

Part One

Choose any one of the sentences below and try to make the sound. Can your partner guess which sound 

you are making without opening their eyes?

You are knocking on the table

You are opening and closing your book/ some papers

You are hitting the lenses of your glasses

You are hitting a ballpoint pen on the table

You are clapping your hands

You are shaking your ballpoint pen

You are shaking some paper

You are kissing/ air kissing

You are sneezing

You are shaking your chair

You are kicking the table

You are punching the chair

You are moving your chair

You are dropping your book/ some papers on the floor

Part Two

Choose any one of the sentences below and try to make the sound effects using your mouth. Can your 

partner guess which sound you are trying to make without opening their eyes?

You are drinking soup

The telephone is ringing

You are using an air conditioner remote control

You are playing a computer game

You are crying

Written by Alex Case for © 2008

Business English Present Continuous Sounds and Mimes Worksheet 2- Present Continuous Mimes

Mime any one of the sentences below, not making any sound. Can your partner guess the whole 


You are knocking on the door (to ask to come in)

You are lifting a heavy box

You are changing the page on the calendar

You are opening the blinds

You are washing up your mug.

You are adjusting the height of your chair

You are changing the bulb in your desk lamp

You are emptying the bin (= waste paper basket = trash can = dustbox)

You are throwing away some rubbish (= putting some rubbish in the bin)

You are watering the plants

You are typing

You are signing a document

You are cleaning a computer monitor

You are cleaning your desk

You are looking for (= searching for) your pen

You are using a cash machine (= ATM)

You are answering the phone

You are dialling a telephone number

You are writing a cheque (= a check)

You are using a calculator

You are using a stapler

You are using a hole punch

You are using a mouse

You are saying sorry to your boss

You are shouting at your colleague

You are smoking

You are lighting someone’s cigarette

You are shredding documents

You are giving some documents to your colleague

You are receiving presents or souvenirs from a colleague

You are meeting a new client

You are reading a text message (=SMS) on your mobile phone (= cellphone)

You are sitting on a swivel chair

Written by Alex Case for © 2008

You are thinking

You are opening a filing cabinet

You are opening a ring binder

You are using an air conditioner remote control

You are shaking hands

You are taking a business card from someone

You are giving your business card to someone

You are pushing the buttons in a lift (= elevator)

You are using a photocopier (= a copy machine)

You are using a date stamp

You are sharpening a pencil

You are using an eraser

You are apologizing (=saying sorry) to your boss

You are pointing at someone

You are ordering two beers

You are holding a door open for someone

You are using a vending machine

You are making tea

You are serving tea

You are letting someone go in front of you

You are using a laser pointer

You are giving a presentation

You are using a touch screen monitor

You are using your security pass to open a door

You are clocking in

You are hanging up your coat

You are straightening your tie

You are changing the water on the water dispenser

You are signing for a delivery

You are giving snacks to your colleagues

You are changing the printer paper.

You are changing the photocopier paper.

You are hoovering (using the vacuum cleaner)

You are putting a stamp on an envelope

You are sending a fax.

You are running to a meeting (because you are late)

Written by Alex Case for © 2008

You are using a dictaphone (= voice recorder)

Continue miming. Can your partner guess the sentence without looking at the worksheet this time?

Try to guess which of the actions above your partner does in their jobs the most often. Ask five “How 

often…?” questions and then they will tell you if there are any actions here they do more often than the 

ones you asked about.

Which things above do you never do? In your company, who does those jobs?

Do men and women in your company do different things in the office, e.g. making tea, answering the 

phone, lifting heavy boxes? Do you think that is fair?

Are there any jobs your boss does which you would like to do? Are there any things managers in your 

company don’t usually do which you think they should? 

Written by Alex Case for © 2008

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