Jobs- Compound Nouns Matching Pairwork - Answer Sheet


Level: Intermediate
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Published: 2nd Dec 2007

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Jobs Compound Nouns Pairwork Matching 

Answer Key 

For every one hundred actors, only one or two become movie stars 


The tour guide told us everything about the history of the castle but I couldn’t remember any of it when I 

got home 


Professional athletes nowadays get paid too much money for what is basically a hobby 


Many women have to work as part time workers so they can pick their children up from school at 3 or 4 



Stockbrokers have such high pressure jobs that they often have to retire in their 30s or 40s. Luckily, they 

can make a lot of money before that time. 


Using head hunters to steal the top staff or other companies is unfair business practice. 


Even though security guards do a job that is similar to a police officer, they don’t get nearly as much 

money or respect 


To be a check in    clerk in an international airport, it’s important to speak as many languages as 



Being an assistant manager in a company is the worst possible position, because you get pressure from 

above and below 


Although there are many business women nowadays, they still don’t have the same opportunities as men 


Although television personalities are almost as famous as film stars, they don’t get very much money at 



Job advertisements never say that flight attendants must be good looking, but this is actually the real 

reason they get the job 


The worst part of being an airline pilot is always being away from home 


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