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Published: 1st Sep 2007

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Language learning course case study (Learner Training/ Reading 
and Writing- Memos, Questionnaires, Notes, Reports, Minutes) 


Teachers’ notes 



Students work together to analyze all the data and decide which is the best method of 

language learning course for the employees of the company.   



Photocopy and cut up one copy of the worksheets per 2 or 3 students 

(Optional) Photocopy one more copy of the worksheets for the students to take away for 

reference and to help with the homework 



1.  Students try to put the different documents into order by when they were written 

2.  Students match the copies to the types of document written in italics- - a note, a 

questionnaire, a report, a memo, minutes 

3.  Go through the answers as a class and discuss the differences between the 

different types of document, e.g. use of headings, greetings, use of passives, use 

of bullet points, abbreviations (AP, RE etc.) 

4.  Students discuss in their groups of 2 or 3 what the best language learning course 

or courses for this company might be 

5.  Nominate a chair and someone to take the minutes and hold a meeting as a 

whole class or in groups of 5 to 10 people to decide on a final solution 

6.  Set writing tasks in class or as homework as a follow up to the decision, based 

on the genres of writing in the original worksheets and relevant to your students, 

e.g.; a memo to all staff announcing the decision and telling them what will 

happen and when and if they need to take any action themselves; a questionnaire 

testing student satisfaction during or after the course etc, or the typed up minutes 

of the meeting. 


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