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Published: 1st Sep 2007

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Present Simple Men and Women Guessing (Cultural training/ 3


 person ‘s’) 

Answer key 
You can’t ask an Iraqi man “How is your daughter?” 
In Japan, women usually have to serve the tea in the office. 
In the USA, soccer is mainly a sport for women. 
In Scotland, men wear a kilt (like a skirt) on their wedding days. 
In Thailand, men and women can’t hold hands in public, but it is okay for a woman to 
hold hands with a woman, or a man to hold hands with a man. 
In Saudi Arabia, women can’t drive cars. 
An unmarried woman cannot get a visa to visit Iran. 
In England, the women usually do the cooking, but men often cook spicy curries, do the 
washing up and cut the roast chicken and roast turkey. 
Rounders is a British sport that is similar to baseball and is usually played by women. 
In Italy, a woman (called Befana) brings the children their Xmas presents. 
In Sweden 47.3% of MPs (Members of Parliament) are women. 
When you go into a European church, men should take their hats off and women should 
leave their hats on. 
In France men kiss women on the cheek when they meet, and women also kiss women. 
In Russia and the South of Italy, men also sometimes kiss men. 
In a 2005 survey, 46% of Japanese women said they are very happy with their lives but 
only 31% of Japanese men said they are very satisfied. 

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