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Published: 1st Sep 2007

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Add the punctuation and capital letters to this paragraph: 


you might tell yourself that you want to have private instruction with an English 

language tutor great idea however there is something you should know and be well 

aware of what happens during the time that you meet with an English language tutor is 

very important but what happens during the time between your meetings with an english 

language tutor is even more important the proactive steps that you take in order to 

improve have a direct effect on what it is you get out of the time and money that you 

spend with an English language tutor in order to receive the maximum benefit possible 

for the money you spend on a tutor you must dedicate a sufficient amount of time to 

studying between each lesson of course the amount of time that anyone is able to 

dedicate to studying will vary but nevertheless it must be done furthermore there are a 

number of things you should do leading up to the time that you decide to pick up the 

phone and make that call so you ask what is it that I need to do what can I do on my 



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