Short Answers - Answer Sheet

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Grammar Topic: General

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Short Answers 


Match the question to the correct answer. 


 1.  Has he finished? 

2.  Will they be there? 

3.  Have you seen her? 

4.  Am I late? 

5.  Did you tell them? 

6.  Was she angry? 

7.  Is it yours? 

8.  Were they there? 

9.  Are they coming? 

10.  Did they do it? 

11.  Would you like one? 

12.  Would they really do that? 

13.  Have you two met? 

14.  Was there any problem? 

15.  Does she like them? 

A)  Yes, she does. 

B)  No, you aren’t. 

C)  No, I didn’t. 

D)  No, it isn’t. 

E)  Yes, they will. 

F)  Yes, they are. 

G)  Yes, she was. 

H)  No, they didn’t. 

I)  Yes, I would. 

J)  Yes, he has. 

K)  Yes, they would. 

L)  Yes, we have. 

M)  No, there wasn’t. 

N)  Yes, I have. 

O)  No, they weren’t.