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I started my schooling as the majority did in my area, at the local primarry school. I then

went to the local secondarry school and recieved grades in English, Maths, Phisics,

Biology, Geography, Art, Graphical Comunication and Philosophy of Religeon. I'll not

bore you with the 'A' levels and above.

Notice the ambigous English qualification above. It was, in truth, a cource dedicated to

reading "Lord of the flies" and other gems, and a weak atempt at getting us to

commprehend them. Luckilly my middle-class upbringing gave me a head start as I was

already aquainted with that sort of langauge these books used (and not just the Peter and

Jane books) and had read simillar books before. I will never be able to put that paticular

course down as much as I desire to because, for all its faults, it introduced me to

Steinbeck, Malkovich and the wonders of Lenny, mice and pockets.

My education never included one iota of grammar. Lynn Truss points out in "Eats,

shoots and leaves" that many people were excused from the rigours of learning English

grammar during their schooling over the last 30 or so years because the majority or

decision-makers decided one day that it might hinder imagination and expresion (so

what, I ask, happened to all those expresive and imaginative people before the ruling?).

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