The Language of Interrupting - Teachers' Notes

Level: Intermediate

Topic: General

Grammar Topic: General

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The Language of Interrupting Worksheet 3- Teachers’ instructions 



Photocopy and cut up Worksheet 2 so each student has one of each card. Photocopy and cut up 

Worksheet 1 so there is one set of cards per 2 or 3 students. You could also make one more copy of 

Worksheet 1 per student (not cut up) for students to use as an answer key and to keep for reference. 




Give out the Worksheet 2 cards. As you read out sentences from Worksheet 1 students should race 

to be the first to lift up the correct Listening Comprehension Indication card. 


Give out the packs of cards from Worksheet 1. Students should work together to put them into 2 

columns by their function. Note that some of the cards might be able to be used for both functions, 

but there is only one way of arranging them so that there are an equal number on each side. 


Either check the answers as a class or give out the additional copies of Worksheet 2 for students to 

check their own answers. 


Students then divide the Worksheet 1 cards between them, one person having all the Interrupting 

cards and one person all the Getting Back on Topic cards. The students compete to be the first 

person to get rid of their cards by using them when they are talking about a topic of their choosing or 

set by the teacher. They can string several phrases together if they like, but all sentences must make 

sense and match what the other person is saying. 



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