Verb Patterns Pellmanism Game (Beginner) - Teachers' Notes


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Published: 1st Sep 2007

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Verb Patterns Pellmanism Game- Beginner Level Version 
Teachers’ instructions 
Photocopy and cut up one pack of cards above per 2 or 3 students. Photocopy one more 
copy of the worksheet for students to check their answers with and take away as 
reference (optional). 
Language presentation 
Give out one pack of cards per group of 2 to 4 students. Get them to arrange the cards 
into two columns depending on whether they are followed by the –ing form of a verb (e.g. 
enjoy + doing), or the infinitive with to (want + to do). 
If some groups think they have finished quickly, first tell them that there are an equal 
number in each column, then point out how many are wrong in each column. 
Go through the answers as a class or give out the extra photocopies for them to check 
their answers. 
Practice- Pellmanism memory game (pairs) 
Get students to turn all the cards over face down and spread them over the table. The 
aim of the game is to find pairs of cards that take the same verb pattern, e.g. two cards 
that followed by the infinitive with to (want and need etc.). If both cards they take are 
followed by the same verb pattern they get to keep those two cards and score two points. 
If they get two verbs which are followed by different verb patterns (e.g. enjoy and want), 
they have to put them back in the same places they took them from and play passes to 
the next person. 
Extension/ Variation- Personalisation 
After or instead of this activity, students can take cards at random and ask each other 
questions about them, e.g. “Are there any school subjects you can’t stand studying?” 

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