Verb Plus Verb or Preposition - Answer Sheet


Level: Intermediate
Topic: General
Grammar Topic: Verbs and Tenses
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Published: 9th Feb 2011

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Answer key

I’d insist on + noun/ing

I (don’t) believe in + noun/ing

I find it difficult to concentrate on + noun/ing

I will never forgive my brother or sister/ parents/ boss/ colleague for noun/ing

I object to + noun/ ing/ + someone + ing

I never/ often worry about + noun/ing

I rely on + noun/ing

I’d prevent the government from + noun/ing

I never apologise for + noun/ing
I don’t let/ I make my boyfriend/ girlfriend/ husband/ wife/ partner + infinitive (without to)

I expect my best friend to + infinitive

I would warn people going to the UK (not) to + infinitive

I’d tell foreign visitors to Korea (not) to + infinitive

My parents encouraged me to + infinitive

My grandparents wanted me to + infinitive

I can’t afford (not) to + infinitive

I try to avoid + noun/ing

I’ve recently got used to + noun/ing

My teacher inspired someone + to + infinitive

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