Article Is There a Grammar of Spoken English?


While it is undoubtedly true that there is a grammar of spoken English, the problem is, could it be codifed and documented when it is so fluid and intangible?

"A thorough description of spoken English grammar is felt to be overdue. After all, spoken language has largely been neglected by grammatical tradition; the word grammar itself descends from the classical Greek word for writing. The grammarian's bias towards the written language remains strong today, and is reflected in such terminology as 'left dislocation' and 'right dislocation' in referring to grammatical transformations. To understand these terms, we have to think of a sentence as immobile and visible on the page, like a laboratory specimen, rather than as an ongoing phenomenon of speech. Morever, discrimination in favour of the written sentence, in grammars, has to some extent been reinforced by the advent of computer corpora, simply because until very recently corpora of spoken language have not been available in sufficient quantity and coverage."

From: Geoffrey Leech [PDF]

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I think that it is more a question of grammars as spoken English exhibits far more diversity than written English.

Will you please help to me , I have some problem in grammar ESL , Possessive noun,Questions with whoes, The Present Contnuous Tense ; Noun Action verbs ; Modal Verbs: can,may,might,will
Nouns and Expressions of Quantity, Comparsons , Modal Verbs: Requests , Offers, and Permission
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i have a question that most of us the foreign are so focoussed on accent and forget clear spoken english(i mean gramatical english) or we tend to folow so much antique rules of english gramer,
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Guys & Gals, the only way to get comfortable with writing and speaking in English (or any other language) is to do a lot of reading and listening. Your skills in expressing yourself in your own language would be a big help also. Pick up an English newspaper (or visit a news website) and read news stories and articles that are of interest to you, be it politics, cinema, sports, science or whatever else. Also, watch movies and listen to radio shows that can get you used to the spoken language. Whether you are reading or listening, pay attention to the way an idea or opinion is expressed.. sentence construction, accent, terms used etc. Keep a dictionary handy and make it a habit to lookup any new words that you come across. Finally, remember this: Don't focus too much on mastering the accent. As you develop the technical abilities to properly express yourself in English (words & grammar), you would subconsciously pickup the fluency through the process due to familiarity of sounds. It is also important not to mimic someone else's accent and to speak comfortably in your own accent. Good Luck!

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