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I believe a number of super languages will emerge and most small languages will die out. I tend to believe that the benefits of this may well outweigh the cultural loss, besides which it seems inevitable. Throughout history languages have died out; I can't see the point in trying to resurrect something like Cornish here. It is sad when they die, but ultimately, the fewer languages we have the better the communication.

People talk about the loss of cultures when a language dies, and it is sad, but they can be preserved and studied, in the way that dead languages like Latin are today. If a speech community does not have sufficient numbers to survive, then that language will die out.

As we move into an ever more closely conected world, langauges that facilitate this communication will grow. Ultimately, we will be left with a number of dominant languages that far beyond national borders and dominate over the others. The question is which languages will they be?

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