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What is the advantage of classifying every verb followed by a preposition or adverb as a phrasal verb?

The advantage is that it improves the students' perspective; they can increase their fluency and understanding of the language. It is a simple vehicle to help guide them along; it is a way to categorize. It helps to provide form to something that would otherwise seem purely random. Unfortunately, from the students' perspective how a verb changes meaning when a different particle is placed after it does seem to be quite random and without any particular reason. And it is. Most English first language speakers take this sort of thing for granted and don't even think about how verbs change in meaning depending on which word immediately follows it. Let's call them "phrasal verbs", and at the very least provide a category for this sort of "English verb phenomenon" so that it can be separated from the literal and primary manner in which English verbs would at first tend to be viewed.

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