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There has been much discussion about the use of the word whom, and whether anyone still uses it, so I thought I'd see what our visitors thought about the subject. Little did I realise that I was about to open a large can of worms.

There seem to be fairly good arguments on both sides, and the whole debate (which has been raging on this site for over two months now) has raised some interesting questions about the quality of evidence that is used to support an argument on language use.

During the debate, Google results have been used to provide evidence to prove the existence of the word 'whom' in current usage, and to disprove it. Can Google be trusted to reflect current usage, especially if one is talking about the spoken word as opposed to written language? After all, Google scans written text for its results.

Is it possible to research spoken language using the internet?

Cast your vote now in our poll - Do you use the word 'whom'?

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what is the differences between used +to & be+used to+ing

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