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We have just added a dictionary of phrasal verbs containing a few hundred of the most common phrasal verbs with definitions and examples.

Phrasal verbs are idiomatic verbs, where verbs combine with prepositions or particles to create a new verb, whose meaning might have no connection at all with the dictionary definition of the individual words.

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I am trying to get a list of phrasal verbs, an indepth one and also grammar for very advanced and advanced grammar, can u help?

At the moment it has 1,064 and is growing.

Dear Sir

i would like to know how to use hasn't word
please reply me.

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This's indeed the first time I have participated in this new trend [weblog].
Please, I'd like you to provide me with information about ESP (My interest rests on travel and tourism, medical etc).
I look forward to hearing from you.

I just want you to get me in touch with a native english speaker.
Iam a third year english student in burkina faso.
thank you very much in advance.
GOD bless you

Hi, and thanks for the nice comments! Why not try our forum to get help from native speakers:

PS - at the time of writing we now have 1,634 common English phrasal verbs. Not so much a 'mini-dictionary' any longer, but an extensive reference! :-)

dear sir , would you mind if you supplying me by the necessary vocabulary ,and phrasal verbs used in tourism and travel.kind regards

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