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The University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate (UCLES) are offering a March session of the CAE examination from March 2004.

In extending choice and increasing the number of possibilities for students who wish to take the exam, this strikes me as a very good thing. However, it does also mean that in some FE courses, where exams are taken at the end of each course, it might make courses shorter, so that students are, in effect, deprived of the opportunity to study for a sufficiently long time to master the intracicies of what is a very demanding exam.

In some places, course last up to the next opportunity to take an exam, so the introduction of this paper could shorten study time for some, while increasing choice for others.

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Tdol, I suppose the people taking the exam on March will not be missing out on extra study. If they intend to take the exam in March, I suppose the school where they study will start the preparion course before the other courses ( for those taking the test in the middle or end of the year). IMO, Cambridge wouldn't make this possibility available if they knew some students would not have been through adequate preparation before taking the CAE. What do you think?

There is a risk that colleges will just become exam factories straining against time, andd students might be forced at an unnatural speed towards exams they aren'tprepared for. this is a risk in the British system,anyway. ;-)

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