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I'd like to thank - Learning English as a Second Language for the opportunity to share with its membership the EFL Teacher Postcard Project, a collaborative project between myself and Takayuki Nakahara, a webmaster.

What is the EFL Teacher Postcard Project? It's an opportunity for EFL Teachers worldwide to share their experiences both inside and outside the classroom with the world. You can write about what you love or hate about your life in your host country. You can use any style of writing from prose to humour to dialogue to poetry. All you've got to do is to log in and away you go.

Here's my example:

Dear Y,
I want to tell you about my life here in Japan but I want to tell you more about the mountains. I live in a city encircled by a ring of mountains. Nothing is more inspiring than the majestic beauty of these mountains. Mt. Akagi and Mt. Haruna are the nearest and dearest. In the distance, the active volcano, Mt. Asama is clearly seen. The North winds, originating from Siberia, blow across these mountains and sweep through the city. I breathe in this cold, crisp air and relish its freshness. Most days, the sky is a deep, clear blue with not a single cloud in sight. In the early morning hours, sometimes, the top of Mt. Akagi and sometimes Mt. Haruna are covered in a mist of milky white that lifts as the morning turns to afternoon. These mountains evoke a sense of awe and wonder in me. They are an access to the communion of nature. I stand still each morning while my attention fixes upon the mountains before me. At that time, in the early morning, my eyes move from Mt. Haruna to Mt. Akagi. I breathe in with my eyes the beauty that is these mountains. I am pleasantly surprised that these mountains have affected me so deeply. They have brought me closer to understanding the reverence and special relationship that the Japanese have to nature than all the books I have read on Japan. Until next time. Affectionately,S.

Here's the link:

I do hope you will visit the site!

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