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What is it? Well, it's a game similar to the children's game Duck Duck Goose. It's a lot of fun. Actually, it's a hoot. Your students will enjoy playing it and they'll want to play it again and again. It's a wonderful EFL activity to practice target language or review sentence patterns in a relaxed and fun way.

Here's how you play it. Have everyone sit in a circle facing each other. There's one chair less the total number of players. So, if there are a total of 13 players, then there are only 12 chairs. One person is the "it�? person and stands in the middle of the circle. As the teacher, you can start off the game as the "it�? person. The goal is for the "it�? person to sit down.

The "it�? person calls out a sentence such as "I like sushi.�? or "I have been to Kyoto.�? or "I can swim.�? or " I have short hair.�? or " I am wearing glasses.�? If anyone agrees with the sentence and/or has short hair for example, then they have to get up and exchange seats. Here's the chance for the "it�? person to grab a seat and sit down. The player left standing becomes the "it�? person for the next round and the game continues. The game is played until everyone feels exhausted.

The game has a penalty. Any player who is the "it�? person for three rounds has to sing the banana song, which goes like this:

Banana. Banana. Fa fa banana.
Peel the banana. Peel peel the banana.
Eat the banana. Eat eat the banana.
Go bananas. Go go bananas.

While singing the song, the "it�? person has to mime the peeling and eating of a banana, and act wild and crazy when saying go go bananas. If the "it�? person is stumped, he or she can call out the words fruit basket. When he or she does, then everyone gets up and exchanges seats. The "it�? person gets a chance to sit down.

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