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"What am I?�" is a fun and enjoyable guessing game activity. My students loved playing it. I did too. I've used it as a warm up activity, to review vocabulary, and/or to just liven up the class when the students were feeling tired. Besides helping to improve their listening skills, it encourages students to speak up in class, which helps to build their self-confidence.

Here are the instructions. First, I tell my students that they are to listen carefully to each of the clues to guess the answer. I give them a hint by telling them the subject category such as fruit, food, animals, vegetables etc. I demonstrate. I read each clue. There are usually 4 or 5 clues for each word. I keep reading the clues until someone guesses correctly. If anyone knows the answer, they just shout it out. If anyone guesses correctly, he or she gets a sticker. The "What am I?�? guessing activity can also be played as game by dividing the class into two equal teams. Each team has about 10 seconds to guess an answer. If the team fails to answer correctly, they lose their turn. The other team gets to answer. The team with the most points wins and gets a round of applause.

Here's a fruit example:

I am yellow.
I have a thick skin that you peel off before you can eat me.
I am white inside.
I am sweet.
What am I?
Answer: BANANA
I then show them a picture card of a banana.

Here's an animal example:

I have whiskers.
I have a tail.
I make meow meow sounds.
What am I?

Answer: CAT
I then show them a picture card of a cat.

Here's a food example:

I am cold.
I am smooth.
I am delicious.
I am high in calcium, which helps build strong bones.
I am white.
What am I?

Answer: MILK
I then show them a picture card of a carton of milk.

Perhaps, you'll give it a try and let me know how it turns out. Good luck to you!

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