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Wicked has been around for a long time meaning Superb, or Excellent, but Bare Wicked is new (ish). What's more it's not alone. Yesterday I was on a bus and a teenager was having a bare laugh with their friends and obviously having bare fun.

I have previously asked (in another forum) about the usage of the phrase "bare wicked". At the time (in 2003) nobody seemed to have heard of this sort of usage. I understand that it is probably localised slang in London, UK, however nobody on the net seems to use it still. See the following searches: gives 62 results, and gives just 1 result.

I find this odd, mainly because of how much I hear this type of usage on a day-to-day basis, but also because I'd have expected many more people to use it on the Internet. After all, the net is full of informal meduims of communication (like forums).

Is this just a London thing?

Bare is defined variously in the Urban Dictionary as "A lot of; very; an exclamation used in disbelief" or "a lot of, an excessive amount". At least that means someone else has actually heard it other than me!

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