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For many people, Google is synonymous with the web. So much so that the word Google was declared a verb by the Oxford English Dictionary (*) in June 2006. Now it seems that Merriam-Webster (*) have also included it.

It may come as a suprise to learn that these key dictionaries have only just picked up on the fact. After all, anyone who is internet savy will know what I mean when I say that people have been Googling themselves (or have been Googled) for ages.

In fact, I first read about this topic almost exactly three years ago in an article called Google calls in the 'language police'. It seems that Google were not too happy with their trademarked logo and brand being used in this way, and I guess that the legal wranglings must have taken a while to sort through.

The success of the Google brand is so great that it is now a integral part of millions of peoples' lives the world over. But this success comes at a price when your brand becomes a just word. It is a good thing that dictionaries are not being censored by large corporations such as Google. A dictionary records language in use, and this task would soon be jeopardised if people could simply prevent words from being included.

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The OED won't include a word until it has been seen in a certain number of texts to show that it is genuinely being used. Also, I doubt that the lawyers can do much- I'm sure that the Disney Corporation would love to see 'Mickey Mouse' removed from dictionaries, but won't be able to.

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