Article Thought Bubbles


I absolutely love them! They are a hoot and my students enjoy them too. I assign them as homework and tell the students to use their imagination when filling in the speech/thought bubbles. The students are free to use any verb tense they wish as well as the vocabulary they know to complete them.

Sometimes, I'll write in a partial sentence in the thought bubble such as "I like singing because ...." (imagine a picture of a person singing) which the student is to complete.

I only wish I had made photocopies of my students' work just to have examples to show my new students and also to have a good chuckle now and then.

There was a picture of a young boy dressed in non-Western clothing with his hand outstretched out. Most of my students wrote sentences such as "After you." or "It's that way." But one of my students wrote, "You go first. I'm poor. I'm gonna die soon."

Use them. Your students will thank you for introducing an element of humour into the classroom. Good-luck to you!

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