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Here's a way of contextualizing material to teach vocabulary, grammar, and sentence patterns. Draw a picture(s) on the board or use a picture(s) from a textbook. Set the scene. Write the topic on the board for example, "At the Airport". Have the students look at the board. Ask the students to think about the topic. We do this to create expectations and arouse their interest in the topic at hand. You may wish to do this as a class activity or in small groups depending on the level of the students.

Here's a list of questions:

1 What's in the picture? What do you see? Identify everything..

Answer: luggage, conveyor belt, people, airport officials, money ...

2 Where are the people?

Answer: at conveyor belt, at immigration, at the customs area, at the money exchange

3 What are the people doing?

Answer: picking up their luggage, presenting their passports, clearing customs, exchanging money

4 What do you think the people are saying

Answer: Can I see your passport? Here you are. Anything to declare? I'd like to exchange some yen for American dollars. Have a nice trip!

You might get them to create a dialogue depending on their level. Make the people talk. Make a little story.

To conclude, you might ask your students the following questions.

What's your airport experience?
What do you take with you on a trip?
Why do you travel?

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It helps me to understand how to contextualize the curriculum. present more examples.

Wouldn't that be difficult without knowing the specifics of the curriculum you teach?

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