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Here's an activity you can do in class to review and practice making statement sentences using the third person singular of present tense verbs and making questions using the auxiliary verb do or using interrogative pronouns such as what. It's a guessing game called "Who is he?" / "Who is she?"

You can either have the students think of a famous person or you can handout images of well-know celebrities, sports figures, pop singers, comedians, movie stars or cartoons that the students will recognize. Then, get the students to write four or five sentences about his or her famous person using the third person singular of present tense verbs.

I demonstrate using an example. I've picked the soccer superstar David Beckham who is world famous.
Here are my sentences.

He is from England.
He is 31 years old.
He plays soccer very well.
He lives in Spain.

Who is he?

Students should try and guess the answer and ask questions. If someone asks a question of the speaker, they get a bonus point. If the speaker doesn't know the answer, they can venture a guess or say "Sorry, I don't know."

Here are some sample questions the students could ask the speaker about his or her famous person:

Does he speak Spanish?
Does he like sushi?
Does he drive a car?
What's his favourite colour?
What does he like?

Just before you begin to play the guessing game review the rules of the game with the students.

Here they are:

�?� First, listen carefully to the speaker who is going to give you a profile on his or her famous person.
�?� Then, please ask questions. Each question you ask is worth one bonus point.
�?� If you know the answer, write it down on your answer sheet.

Demonstrate again using the David Beckham example.

After taking up the answers, ask the students "How many correct answers did you get?

It's a lot of fun as well as helping the students develop their public speaking skills and getting them to think on their feet. Do give it a try. You won't be disappointed.

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hi i am an english student and every a class meeting we do this geussing game ;; i n my opinion this kind of game should be considred more then game becouse it is very interisting thanks very much

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